Fortnite will add bots to ease the difficulty level

Although online games are an exciting experience for most players due to the dynamics and all the content they offer, the process of adapting and learning their rules and procedures can become stressful at some point.

This can cause some people who are just starting out on a particular game to get frustrated because they can’t quickly familiarize themselves with their character’s difficulties as they go through the first stage.


With Fortnite, Epic, the game’s developer, has decided to introduce bots to this franchise next season in order to avoid this. According to Epic, the bots that are part of the game will replicate the behavior that will guide the movements and attitudes of a normal player with the aim of replicating, for beginners players in their process of adaptation and acquisition of skills within the game.

These bots will work in conjunction with Fortnite’s new matching system, which decreases as the player’s performance increases.

FORTNITE, Fortnite will add bots to ease the difficulty level, Optocrypto

However, Epic clarified that these bots will not be integrated into Competitive’s playlists, so players with a higher level of experience in the game will not have to worry that this measure will be applied to them.

It seems that Epic’s strategy has not been well received by Fortnite’s most experienced player base, who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the measure and accused it of overly favoring beginners, but Epic is confident that their decision will be wise and will help further expand their player community.

We will have to wait until the next Fortnite season to see if this game from Epic will bring the expected result.

FORTNITE, Fortnite will add bots to ease the difficulty level, Optocrypto

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