Filtered Google Pixel 3 into Android source code

Within the latest Android open source update, a reference to the new Google Pixel 3 appears, with its name, not under a pseudonym or similar. The leaks, within the technology industry, are widespread and give us information, usually exciting.

Filtered Google Pixel 3 into Android source code

Filtered Google Pixel 3 into Android source code

Android is an operating system, which is characterized by being open source, which allows you to discover what the company is working on. Google seems to be working on its next smartphone, the company’s new top-of-the-range smartphone, which has been filtered through the operating system source code.

The source code of Android always brings a few secrets, but in this case have discovered in the distribution updated on March 9, where it had gone unnoticed within the code, data on a new device. Specifically, version V_1_2 has been found inside the hardware abstraction layer.

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This code change would refer to a new version of this one, compatible only with Pixel 3. This function would be a reference for a new automatic selection of the network, a technology exclusive to the company’s new terminal.

It calls the attention powerfully, within the Android source code, where reference is made to the Pixel 3 device, when the regular thing is to make reference to a key name, for a new device, so it is, at least curious, to put the name of the terminal, which could be a kind of error or mistake.

Possibly, they did not want to modify this data from Google, because, with a simple update, they could have changed the line of code.

That would be a kind of response from the company, in response to the pressure on the market from its’rivals’ such as Xiaomi, Samsung or even Apple. It is rumored that this terminal could arrive in August, but come on, anything can happen