FaceApp Download, A Neural Networks Image Processing Will make you Smile

From time to time we deal with interesting mobile applications. FaceApp download for android and iOS. Some times we talk about applications which (though they usually are not very practical) hold leading positions in the rankings of popularity apps stores. That is, among other things with Prism . It seems that this program now has a a worthy successor.

FaceApp Download
FaceApp Download

And it is the FaceApp. Developed by Russian studio Wireless Lab application. Which proved a hit among users of iOS an Android. Also on Twitter at hasztagiem #faceapp there are thousands of photos, and there are still further images to show. And you can expect that the madness will escalate because FaceApp is just released for Android .

FaceApp Download

Prisma VS FaceApp What is better?

As compared to Prisma, FaceApp is used to modify images using advanced algorithms and neural networks. It is possible, for example, adding a quite convincingly presenting a smile, a rejuvenation, aging, and even sex change. The creators of the program will gradually expand the possibilities of editing photos. This FaceApp will have many more options with further improvements. But now we have to admit that the end result may look impressive.

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The processing of images is done on the server of application manufacturer, but its infrastructure is so-competent, that we get results without having to wait. The latest version of FaceApp version for Android and iOS is available here. FaceApp Download is available for both android and iOS.

Download for Android

Download for iOS