EVGA Slowly Recovering Normal Stock of RTX 30 series

EVGA has spent several months palliating the lack of stock with a queuing system to buy an RTX 30 graphics card. Given the brutal lack of stock that has been suffered, the manufacturer has had no choice but to restrict purchases in its store with a queue. In this way, every GPU that comes out is sold to the first in the queue, causing people to have to wait months for their GPU. Finally, this is changing.

Goodbye EVGA store queues, another sign that RTX 30 stock is recovering

this is the nth sign that the graphics card market is slowly getting back to normal. A few days ago we saw news like the AMD RX 6000 graphics cards are already selling for less than the RRP in Germany, or that miners begin to sell their GPUs in mass.

We have been since late 2020 with absurd prices in the graphics card market. The low stock due to the international economic situation and delays in manufacturing was joined by an exaggerated demand by cryptocurrency miners.

Now, cryptocurrencies enter a state of “crypto-winter” with large drops in value and, as we discussed these days, stores begin to have stock of graphics “to give away”. In the case of EVGA, the stock of its RTX 30 seems to recover by leaps and bounds, so they have already abandoned their queuing system in, at least, virtually all their GPUs:

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Now that EVGA has sufficient stock in its RTX 30 on EVGA.com and at our partners, as of June 23, 2022, all queues for [in this case] 08G-P5-3665-KL will be removed and the product will be available for purchase as supply continues.

In fact, the purchase limit of 1 graphic per person is raised to 2, of course, it’s far from the 100% normal and healthy situation, but it’s a great improvement and above all the trend just keeps getting better and better.

As we say, some GPUs could continue to maintain this system, but everything points to that in the coming days will be completely eliminated.

In short, EVGA gives hope to those of you on the fence about buying a graphics card, especially an RTX 30, as it’s a sign that stock is going to be re-establishing and, at last, you can keep an eye out for deals coming from retailers. It’s a shame that it’s happening just a few months before the arrival of new generations of GPUs like the RTX 40.

Are you going to buy a graphics card in the next few weeks, do you think it will be easy, leave us your comments!