EMUI 10 to be presented at the beginning of August

EMUI 10 is the next version of the Huawei Customization Layer. It will be introduced by the Chinese brand later this year and is based on Android Q. Till now there is not much data about this new version of the layer, but the date of the presentation has finally become official. We won’t have to wait long because it will be official in about four weeks.

EMUI 10 will be presented at the beginning of August

EMUI has always been characterized by efficiency like no other, of course very similar to Xiaomi. But maybe there are still some users who are not completely convinced and decide to go for a launcher to convert it to Android but the large number of options and customizations that the Huawei layer offers is really interesting, and that has seen an enormous development since its inception, we do not doubt that in its nomenclature “10”. At the beginning of August, there will be a developer conference in China, organized by Huawei. This version of the customization layer will be officially presented at the conference.

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EMUI 10 to be presented at the beginning of August
EMUI 10 to be presented at the beginning of August

From the center of Huawei, it is said that the manufacturer will officially introduce EMUI 10, with the provisional date being 9 or 10 August, which coincides with the developers’ event that Huawei hosts annually. This is undoubtedly the right time to show the world the innovations that have been implemented in the level of adaptation that is certainly very important for the company.

EMUI 10 to be presented at the beginning of August

What features EMUI 10 offers?

On August 9th we will officially get to know EMUI 10. It is the first day of this conference in the company. So they leave us on this first day with an important innovation. Speaking at the conference stage, there is little that we know except that it will be based on Android Q, as it was revealed a long time ago. While there would be few design changes.

The Chinese brand seems determined to maintain the main elements of its design layer and make minimal revisions. However, new features will certainly come to the phones that will bring it officially up to date.

So we won’t have to wait long to find out everything about EMUI 10, because it’s possible that there will be leaks on the new design during these weeks, so we’ll watch out for possible new features in the design.

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