what is cloud computing and how does it work

Before explaining what is cloud computing and how does it work, it is important to know the back end story of this new technology. Today, cloud computing technology is used in a wide variety of Web services and applications, for both personal and business purposes. It’s quite possible that, without realizing it, you’re using a … Read more

Mixtile Hub, a hub for automating your home in a simple way

Smarter devices are reaching the market to facilitate home automation. Despite this, we often have to open a specific application to use it. Mixtile Hub, a hub for managing all your smart devices from a single application. That has recently caught our attention. Mixtile Hub, a hub for automating your home in a simple way As you can see in the … Read more

Connect Tag: Samsung Introduces New Tracking Device

Connect Tag, Samsung has officialized a new device focused on tracking items. That will have many uses for tracking children or older people, pets like dogs or cats, or things considered of value. Such as professional cameras or other things not especially wanted to lose the view and to have them located at all times. … Read more

Four New Technologies presented today by Qualcomm

Today, Qualcomm has made four important announcements related to 5G connections and its mobile platforms. First, the company has announced that it has successfully achieved a 5G data connection with its chip Qualcomm Snapdragon X50. The chipset provides gigabit speeds and a data connection in the mmWave 28 GHz radio frequency band. That comes with … Read more

Broadcom 802.11ax WIFI chips offers 5 Gbps by combining 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz

Broadcom has announced three new 802.11ax WIFI chips. These are the successor of 802.11ac standard and quadrupling the transfer speed to 5Gbps versus 1.3Gbps of previous solutions. This new sixth generation WIFI technology combines the current 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies as Dual Band for Simultaneous Streaming. That, in theory, allow those better transfer … Read more

Intel Introduces Skylake SP Scalable Processors with 56 Logic Cores

Intel has new advancements in the field of processor technology for servers with Skylake SP processor. The significant difference between the currently available technology and this Skylake SP processor lies in its architecture that uses communication between the cores using a mesh topology instead of the ring. That methodology leads to qualify this processor Skylake … Read more

WattUp, RF Wireless Power Transfer Solution For Your Gadgets Using 5.8 GHz Band

WattUp, RF wireless power transfer, allows you charge and power your electronics up to 5 meters. With WattUp the future of the digital world will drive to new uncountable possibilities in electronics and computer science technologies. Recently, the highly integrated power management, AC / DC power conversion, charging and Bluetooth low-power technology provider Dialog Semiconductor … Read more