Caply, a wearable camera to record on trips, events or excursions

The world of wearable devices covers a multitude of different fields. In fact, before we talked about wearables with which to monitor contractions in pregnancy or to feel the music vibrating in our body. Today we talk about Caply, a small wearable camera that we can always carry over to record in trips, events, excursions, etc.

Caply, a wearable camera to record on trips, events or excursions

Caply, a wearable camera to record trips, events or excursions

The main peculiarity for which Caply stands out is that it has been designed to record continuously. Specifically, the camera has the capacity and autonomy to record more than 5 hours of video. Also, thanks to its low power technology it can stand on standby for more than 120 hours. And can record the time lapse of up to 24 hours.

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As for its operation, it will be effortless: we only have to slide up to turn it on using the touch panel and start recording. If we focus on its characteristics, Caply has a 170ยบ lens and a resolution of 1080P in HD quality. Also, it has 128 GB of storage through external cards, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and a 500 mAh battery. At this point, we take advantage to highlight its lightness since Caply will only weigh 30 grams.

The interest generated by this camera is quite high because despite being 57 days to close the campaign, its creators are close to getting the $ 10,000 needed to finance the project. As for its price, Caply will be marketed for $ 149 starting next summer.

Link: Kickstarter.


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