Both B550 and A520 motherboards support AMD’s Smart Access Memory feature

MSI has announced that the entire 500 Series motherboard lineup, including the X570, B550, and A520, will support AMD’s Smart Access Memory feature. This technology is one of the key features supported on AMD’s Ryzen 5000 and Radeon RX 6000 series platforms and can significantly improve gaming performance.

MSI provides support for AMD Smart Access Memory on all 500 series motherboards (X570, B550, A520).

In traditional Windows-based PCs, the processor can only access a small amount of graphics memory (VRAM) at a time, limiting system performance. The Base Address Register (BAR), a core aspect of PCI Express technology, defines the discrete GPU memory area to be mapped.

With AMD Smart Access Memory, PCIe bandwidth can be used to extend data lanes to fully utilize memory to eliminate bottlenecks and improve performance. On paper, SAM can improve performance by an average of 6 percent when using higher resolution textures and up to 11 percent for titles.

A total of 32 MSI motherboards will have support for Smart Access Memory, and the process of activating the program is simple. Simply visit the motherboard’s support page, download and install the latest firmware to add Smart Access Memory support, and then enter the motherboard’s BIOS to activate the feature. Below is a list of all supported motherboards that will receive the beta BIOS update.

For MSI 500 Series motherboards, intelligent storage access can be enabled by navigating to Settings > Advanced > PCI Subsystem Settings. Here you will find the option to enable or disable the resize bar feature. Again, you will need a Ryzen 5000 CPU and a Radeon RX 6000 series graphics processor for this feature to work.