DDR5: Prices Surge Up to 20% indicated by TrendForce

Samsung SK Hynix and Micron sued again for manipulating DRAM memory prices

Memory prices for DDR5 have surged by 15% to 20% due to production cutbacks by major manufacturers. The price hikes in memory come as an accumulation of the last 6 months, reflecting increases of 15-20% for DDR5 memories and 10-15% for DDR4 memory modules. Statistics from TrendForce indicate that the price increases for DDR5 memories … Read more

GeForce Game Ready 546.29 available now


The Nvidia GeForce Game Ready 546.29 graphics drivers are now available, featuring support for the game Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition, among other enhancements. GeForce Game Ready 546.29 Now Available The new Game Ready 546.29 drivers have been released to support the game Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition, which includes the Phantom Liberty DLC. This game is … Read more

AIDA64 receives Meteor Lake and Threadripper 7000 support

Version 7.00 of AIDA64 has been launched, confirming compatibility with Meteor Lake, Threadripper 7000, and the upcoming RTX 4080 SUPER. AIDA64 Expands Support for Meteor Lake and Threadripper 7000 Version 7.00 confirms the arrival of the Meteor Lake series (Intel Core Ultra 100), which has been featured in various laptop presentations. This application brings an … Read more

Nvidia celebrates 500 games and apps with DLSS and RTX

Nvidia Celebrates 500 Games and Applications Featuring DLSS and RTX Technologies. Nvidia’s Milestone: 500 Games and Apps with DLSS and RTX The green company is celebrating the achievement of having more than 500 games and applications supporting their RTX and DLSS technologies, marking a significant triumph. It has been approximately 5 years since RTX and … Read more

Anticipated Debut of HBM4 with 2048-Bit Bus in 2026

The launch of HBM4 memory may be on the horizon, and though it is yet to be unveiled, estimates regarding the speeds it will achieve are already emerging. HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) has garnered significant attention in the technological industry for providing substantial bandwidth for AI accelerators. Advancements in HBM4 Memory Technology: A Glimpse into … Read more

Potential Losses for Intel and TSMC Due to German Financing Standstill

TSMC and Intel both had plans to establish manufacturing facilities in Germany, supported by financing from the European Union under the European Chips Act passed in July. Germany had pledged around $22 billion in incentives for chip manufacturers like Intel and TSMC, earmarked for building factories in the country. However, things have not gone as … Read more