Asus introduces the new WS X299 Pro SE motherboard

Asus wants to give new impetus to Intel’s HEDT platform with the launch of the new Asus WS X299 Pro SE motherboard. That has been designed to offer advanced remote management features.
New Asus WS X299 Pro SE designed for remote management.

These are the images of some ASUS Z370 motherboards

Asus introduces the new WS X299 Pro SE motherboard

Asus introduces the new WS X299 Pro SE motherboard

The Asus WS X299 Pro SE comes with the inclusion of a remote management chip ASUS ASMB9-iKVM IPMI 2.0 that does not cease to be physically an ASPE2500 ASPEED with some modifications by Asus at the firmware level to optimize its features. This chip provides remote management functions such as iKVM, BIOS updates. Also, there is BSOD screenshots, video recording and data erasure among many others.

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This advanced chip is very close to the secondary heat sink of the VRM of the base plate to which it is connected using a thermal pad to achieve an efficient heat transfer. Also, this motherboard is identical to the Asus WS X299 Pro. So, it is to be expected that its wreck is something superior for the inclusion of this peculiar chip.



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