ASUS VivoBook S line: Powerful specifications with distinct colors

ASUS VivoBook S line: Powerful specifications with distinct colors

ASUS has recently introduced the new VivoBook S line of 14″ and 15″ thin and lightweight laptops, designed specifically for young people with spirit and those who want to fully express their personality. The S15 and S14 are powered by an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card, and both notebooks also feature dual memory design (SSD + HDD).

ASUS VivoBook S line: Powerful specifications with distinct colors
Distracting colors

VivoBook S15 and S14 break through the boundaries of traditional laptop colours and select five options with striking shades: Firmament Green, Silver Blue, Star Grey, Gun Metal and Icicle Gold. ASUS designers have added a touch of style and personality to personal computing and take a colourful approach by combining bright and vibrant tones to create a visual contrast. Firmament Green has a structured woven surface that surrounds the keyboard, while Icicle Gold has a brushed surface with diamond-like motifs.

In addition to their colourful designs, the S15 and S14 feature the innovative ErgoLift hinge. This unique design automatically tilts the keyboard 3.5° when the laptop is opened to create the familiar feel of a desktop keyboard. The hinge also opens extra ventilation space for more airflow around the underside of the chassis for better cooling.

NanoEdge display for unprecedented immersion

VivoBook S15 and S14 are the first in the VivoBook S series to feature the new NanoEdge design with thinner edges. This gives the S15 a body to screen ratio of 86% and the S14 a body to screen ratio of 84% for unprecedented immersion in a much more compact chassis. The panels also feature wide-angle technology and excellent colour rendering for realistic images even when viewed from extreme positions.

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The VivoBook S15 and S14 are smaller than other notebooks in their class, with profiles reduced to just 18mm at the thinnest point. The 15.6-inch S15 weighs only 1.8 kg, while the 14-inch S14 has a total weight of 1.4 kg, both very light and portable versions.

All VivoBooks now feature a high-quality battery with all-day life and up to three times the life of other standard lithium-ion batteries. The fast charging technology allows the user to charge a 60% weak battery in just 49 minutes. The built-in battery charging technology from ASUS also provides a safer experience, with measures that reduce the rate of expansion during charging to ensure the battery is kept in good condition.

Price and Availability

ASUS VivoBook S line: Powerful specifications with distinct colors
The new ASUS VivoBook S15 and S14 will be available from February 2019 at Falabella, PcFactory, Paris and Ripley at prices starting at $599,990.

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