ARM Cortex-A75 and A55, this will be the mobile processors of 2018

ARM’s new products have been officially announced. And this one is the most important in the world of technology because the processors of different mobile devices use their designs. We refer to the architectures ARM Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55. We are here let you know the progress that comes we will get from them.

ARM Cortex-A75 and A55, this will be the mobile processors of 2018

These architectures are currently used by the vast majority of manufacturers of processors. Such as Qualcomm, MediaTek or Samsung. And this also shows how the mobile terminals will get advance in terms of its CPU and GPU.

The case, in the event called TechDay , which this year has been held in Cambridge. We have the new architectures for processor called ARM Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55. So replacing the existing A72 and A53, respectively. And also, the same as the new GPU Mali-G72 . So replacing the existing G71 model such as in the Huawei P10 .

New architecture ARM Cortex-A75

In this case, what has been considerably increased is the performance that is offered with the use of 10 nanometer manufacturing technology. Thus, with the ability to rise to a working frequency of 3 GHz. It increases its capacity by 20% compared to Cortex-A73. In this way, more power and, possibly, more power consumption are provided (manufacturers will have to contrive to change this).

In sustained operation there are no variations of the existing ARM Cortex-A75. So it remains a good performance even when running very demanding applications on a continuous basis. The use of this architecture points to very interesting in devices with large screen This is because the performance per watt almost doubles to the previous generation.

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New architecture ARM Cortex-A55

Here the advancement comes mainly in the memory management. That comes inside the processors (more than the frequency as in ARM Cortex-A75). So that allows to increase the capacity when executing applications or manage data . In this way, the company estimates that performance gets improvements by 18% over Cortex-A53.

ARM Cortex-A75 and A55, this will be the mobile processors of 2018

In this case, thanks to new technologies such as SPECint 2000, consumption reduces by around 15%. The case is that, as with the ARM Cortex-A75 architecture, the A55 is compatible with DynamIQ. Which improves the individual operation of each internal element of the processor . Which benefits the operation of combined or separate, advancing significantly in the Implementation and execution of big.LITTLE (which allows a CPU to turn on and off its cores according to the needs of each moment).

Mali-G72 GPU arrives

The capacity of the previous generation of graphics card is beyond doubt. And the qualitative leap I have left very close (or at par) of the best Adreno of Qualcomm (which is now the 540). In this new component, which is used with ARM Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 architectures. The energy consumption reduces by 25%. And, in addition, the performance gets high by a factor of 20 . That is, improvements in the essential sections.

ARM Cortex-A75 and A55, this will be the mobile processors of 2018

The fact is that the anti-aliasing in games gets improvements. In short, greater capacity to execute titles in three dimensions .

In summary: the three advances we have discussed will be present in the 2018 processors of the largest manufacturers and, therefore, we can already advance part of what will be achieved with the use of ARM Cortex-A75, Cortex-A55 and , Of course, with the Mali-G72 GPU.