ARM introduced the new Cortex A78 and Cortex X cores and Mali G78 graphics

Today, the company unveiled the Cortex A78 processor cores, the Mali G78 graphics processor, and the Cortex X chip, all of which have the ability to fine-tune the manufacturers of turnkey solutions based on them. British high-tech leader ARM introduces a new generation of cores for central processors and graphics at the same time annually. And this year was no exception.

The Company stated that the Cortex A78 core received the most remarkable performance boost in the history of ARM. It shows a performance increase of 20% compared to the current Cortex-A77, which is the core of most current chipsets. But Cortex-X1, the first processor in the Cortex-X family, will be 30% more efficient than the current flagship. In addition, suppliers will be able to configure Cortex-X1 independently so that they can achieve even higher performance indicators.

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The Mali-G78 GPU represents the second generation of GPUs based on the Valhall architecture. ARM claims that the new GPU is up to 25% more productive than its predecessor, which is even more impressive when you consider that the previous chip achieved a 40% increase in performance over the previous year. The new GPU supports up to 24 cores and is much more energy-efficient than its predecessor, according to ARM.

ARM also introduced the Mali-G68 subprime graphics chip, which supports up to eight cores while retaining all the features of the flagship Mali-G78. Also on display was the Ethos-N78 neural processor, which performs artificial intelligence tasks 25% more efficiently. New ARM products are likely to form the basis of the most important mobile devices of the model year 2021.