Ariana Razer Project Dynamic Projection On Wall: Razer Chroma

Razer just unveiled new technology by introducing its new interesting product in market, Ariana projection system, which has capability to extend display outside the monitor to a surface off the wall. Let’s see how this new technology is implemented, and what visual immersions this technology can provide to gamer.

Razer Projector
Razer Projector

1. What communication protocols are available in Ariana projector system?

2. How Ariana does extend display?

3. How to recognize shapes and adjust accordingly the pictures in Ariana?

4. Is there a possibility to use this projection system as simple 4K usual projector?

Razer Dynamic projection
Razer Dynamic Projection

  Chroma next generation for Razer

In this year’s CES 2011, Razer Company have shown much gadgets at their booth, many of them were quiet interesting. One of them was three screens laptop Valerie. That was one of the most interesting laptop presented at CES. While the most interesting prototype presented at CES was Ariana projector, which has concept of extending the display beyond the screen surface.

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The new innovative design has been developed by utilizing Chroma technology that uses RGB backlight. This new generation projector is equipped with fish eye lens, two 3D cameras to determine the projection surface depth and sensors for measuring illumination levels. It is equipped with two display port connectors for input and output connections to a computer.

Even greater immersion with Razer

Its working principle is quiet simple, as demonstrated by company representatives at CES fair, were quiet impressive and promising. Ariana collects system dynamic data around the monitor and display the image by adopting the exact shape and size of the room as well as considering every element in the room.

Its functionality is based on displaying part of games display that cannot be shown due to resolution constraint of the monitor. This projector displays these parts of game at edges of duplicate screen and extends the view to the entire wall. In order to take advantage of this technology it is necessary that the game should be compatible with Chroma Razer. Many popular games like call of duty: Black Ops 3 , shadow warrior 2 and over watch and many more are supported by Razer Chroma.

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However new Ariana projector has two working modes; in one of them it displays the images with integrated operations and displays RBG chroma, while in second mode of operation it has normal 4k resolution projection. Thus this projector can also be used as simple projector system.

Razer Chroma
Razer RBG Chroma

Razer Increasingly popular trend Dynamic Projection used.

Up to now, Ariana projector system is just a prototype. And the first finalized version of Ariana projector is expected to launch in market by the end of this year. However until its final launch in market.

There we be much more number of games that would be compatible with Razer Chroma technology. While this time this concept is quiet interesting. And success of this product will also be linked to the pricing value of product.

However it is worth noting that this idea is not new in the world, almost over four years ago, a weaker version of technology was tried to implement in Xbox One by Microsoft. That was named as Illumi Room. This project was suspended by Microsoft after launching its successor Alive Room. It is also possible that Ariana will have competitors in market by many leading manufacturers.

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