Apple offers 13″ MacBook Pro battery changes

The company itself has issued a statement saying that a component failure has been detected in 13″ MacBook Pro. Specifically, Apple says that it is the models without Touch Bar manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017 that are affected by this ruling. So they open a program in which they offer to change the battery.

Apple offers 13″ MacBook Pro battery changes

Apple offers 13″ MacBook Pro battery changes

So that users affected by this failure in the laptop, they can contact the company Cupertino. They will take care of this battery replacement.

Problem with MacBook Pro

The company says there is a component in the device that may fail. Although they did not want to specify what the fault is or can be. But this program is officially opened to replace the battery. Users can check the Apple website to see if their computer is affected. It is possible at this link by entering the serial number.

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If your computer is one of those affected, you will have to contact the company. In addition, users who have paid for the replacement of their 13-inch MacBook Pro battery should also do so. Because they offer to refund that money to users.

The battery replacement program has been included since the launch of the 13-inch MacBook Pro of this generation released in October 2016 and will last five years, beginning on that date. So until 2021 users will be able to carry out this battery change on their Apple device.