Apple iOS 13 broke by strange character string, iPhones, iPads and Macs affected

Apple’s iPhone, iPads, Mac OS, Apple Watch are affected by a strange string that crashes the iOS 13 operating system when they receive a notification.

A report from MacRumors revealed that users of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and other devices had problems receiving a strange string that crashed the operating system, apparently a string formed from the emoticons of the Sindhi language and the Italian flag.

Messages, e-mails and other applications are affected

According to MacRumors, this system error caused by the strange string affected not only the messaging application but also the email and other applications on the iPhone and Cupertino’s other signature products.

Several users of Reddit and Twitter reported what happened:

Specifically, if the string includes the emoji of the Italian flag along with the characters in the Sindhi language, it appears that the system crashes when an incoming notification is received with the characters that cause the problem.
According to the information passed on Reddit, the string started circulating in Telegram but was also found on Twitter.

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Apple iOS 13 broke by strange character string, iPhones, iPads and Macs affected
This is not the first time that Apple devices have suffered this failure due to a string. In 2018, a string in the Telugu language was the cause of the failure of thousands of manufacturer’s devices.

However, unlike this error, which was discovered in 2018, this new string error affects third-party applications such as Telegram, which did not occur at that time.

According to MacRumors, it could be confirmed that Apple has corrected the bug in the new iOS 13.4.5 update in its second beta version. This validation could also be confirmed or the site recommends, in any case, to temporarily disable the notifications until the company makes the appropriate statement.