Apple Introduces New iPad to Fight Chrome OS in Schools

Apple Introduces New iPad to Fight Chrome OS in Schools

Apple wants to conquer the classrooms of schools again and avoid the rise of Chromebooks devices, with Google’s Chrome OS at the forefront. To this end, they have opted for the launch of a new version of the 9.7-inch iPad, together with the launch of platforms and kits for use in schools, among other tools, by both teachers and students. Also, the press event in Chicago was also used to announce the update of the Pages, Numbers and Keynote applications, which will now be supported by Apple Pencil.

Apple Introduces New iPad to Fight Chrome OS in Schools

Apple Introduces New iPad to Fight Chrome OS in Schools

And this is where Apple has paid the most attention, as the new iPad supports Apple Pencil, making it possible to perform actions on your own (or even third-party) stylus. In this regard, we should note that this support was available to date only for the most advanced versions of iPad Pro.

Educational centers will be able to take advantage of the new iPad, since they will be able to purchase it for only 299 dollars, being available to the rest of the public at a price of 329 dollars, a separate optical pencil. Add to that the 200 GB of cloud storage that Apple will offer to schools.

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Regarding features, the new 9.7-inch iPad has virtually the same design as the standard 9.7-inch iPad, with the A10 Fusion processor built into it, which Apple uses to showcase its 40% faster CPU and 50% faster graphics performance compared to the previous generation.

It also has a Retina Display, 32 GB of internal storage, and a battery that gives you up to 10 hours of battery life. It also has a front camera, rear camera, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS or compass, among other features.

Note that there is a variant with support for LTE connectivity, which allows downloading up to 300 Mbps. In this regard, it should be added that it uses Apple SIM technology, so there is no need to change SIM cards for use with different mobile connectivity providers. This variant is a little more expensive, about $459.

Schools will also be able to benefit from the new Schoolwork platform, which will be launched in June and will allow students to track their progress, or from a new multimedia creativity kit. It should also be noted that the App Store has more than 200,000 educational applications to choose from for use in education.

It is expected that the first units will start shipping this coming week and can be ordered.

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