Aorus 17, the new top-class gaming laptop incorporates Ray Tracing and Intel Core i9 CPU

The Aorus 17 gaming laptop, Aorus’s flagship, has been announced by Aorus, which, in partnership with Omron, offers an excellent writing experience with Omron’s famous switches, while incorporating the best and most powerful components.

Aorus 17
Aorus 17, the new top-class gaming laptop incorporates Ray Tracing and Intel Core i9 CPU

Aorus has announced its flagship gaming laptop Aorus 17

It is equipped with the technology that makes it a “gaming” laptop. It features an Intel i9 8-core H-series processor and RTX series cards, although you can also choose the GTX 16 series.

The latest and largest flagship model, the Aorus 17, features an Intel i9-9980HK processor that is 10% more powerful than its eighth-generation predecessor. The CPU clock frequency has increased from 4.8 GHz to 5.0 GHz, 8 cores and 16 threads. This is perfect for mobile streamers who want to stream the latest games on a laptop.

The maximum number of RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics cards you can select is one. With this card, you can play games or do more productive tasks. Incorporating Ray Tracing technology, Deep Learning Features (DLSS) and NVIDIA Adaptive Shading (NAS), it’s like all Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics. It can be used to speed up the rendering process or to provide some of the most realistic graphics you can see in any game.

Aorus has developed its own cooling system to cool down this laptop. They call it “WINDFORCE INFINITY”, which is a big step forward when it comes to thermal performance. By using a steam chamber the cooling efficiency is increased by 37%, together with 5 heat pipes and 2 fans.

Price and availability were not discussed, but it looks like this star model will be expensive if you have the i9 and an RTX card inside.


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