“Ampere” could become the next NVIDIA GPU and it would be announced in the GTC 2018

Some new rumors that come from Heise.de go back to cross the road. That we have been reading these previous months of an intermediate generation of GPU between Pascal and Volta. According to this information, the new medium architecture would receive the name of “Ampere”. And will have a presentation┬áduring the GTC 2018, with a new series of GeForce GTX graphics cards.

"Ampere" could become the next NVIDIA GPU and it would be announced in the GTC 2018

Ampere the next NVIDIA GPU

The NVIDIA roadmap officially continues to mark Volta as the next generation GPU of the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions. But for a few months and with the arrival of new processes at 12nm it is said that both AMD and NVIDIA are planning an intermediate generation “Refresh” by Vega and Pascal respectively. These new graphics cards would bring a lower consumption and frequency possibilities in theory somewhat higher than the current. In addition to the apparent modifications and optimizations in silicon compared to the original versions.

NVIDIA GeForce mx150, the new GPU for gamers

It is more than possible that if confirmed this information “Ampere” will turn out to be Pascal graphics cards at 12nm and with GDDR6 memory, taking a step forward regarding bandwidth and a slight improvement in performance.

For now, wait until NVIDIA confirms this information and update your roadmap accordingly.


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