AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000, designed for powerful Mini PCs

AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000, designed for powerful Mini PCs

AMD strikes again with a new Ryzen, which is integrated and called Ryzen Embedded V2000. They come with Zen 2 architecture and promise the perfect combination: performance and efficiency.

We can see that Intel, Apple, and AMD are very concerned about energy efficiency and high performance – concepts that are discussed in every presentation. AMD has its own SoC Ryzen with Zen 2 architecture to power your Mini PC, whether it’s a business or home PC. Specifically, 4 SoCs with different cores and threads were presented.

AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000: Zen 2 for everyone

AMD squeezes Zen 2 to death because it knows how well it works and because it takes into account that Zen 3 and Zen 4 are far superior. Today, AMD introduced its Ryzen Embedded V2000 family of integrated processors, offering Zen 2 cores with integrated AMD Radeon graphics – all with a 7nm process, of course.

AMD targets applications such as mini PCs, edge systems, and thin clients. These processors integrate 8 CPU cores and 7 CUs into their integrated GPUs. The result is a multi-threaded chip with an excellent power-to-watt ratio that offers 30% more performance in single-threaded mode and 40% more performance in GPUs than the previous generation.

AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000, designed for powerful Mini PCs

It can drive 4 independent displays at 4K and is a very efficient choice for home and office. Rajneesh Gaur, vice president, and general manager of AMD’s embedded business said

AMD continues to deliver high-performance embedded processors with this series. By combining Zen 2 cores with Radeon graphics, we offer a new class of performance and power efficiency thanks to 7nm technology.

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As with our other Ryzen embedded processors, we continue to plan for 10-year availability and look ahead to how partners and customers will take advantage of the fast processing speeds with these Ryzen V2000s.

The “red devil” brand knows that these chips will go to the office and home, so it did not want to neglect the security of these processors. It has advanced security features to protect users from unauthorized access to memory or software.

Following the Ryzen V1000 line, the V2000 supports AMD Memory Guard, a set of security tools such as Secure Boot or Secure Memory Encryption, among others. These help to encrypt the stored memory to prevent attacks on our data, such as booting PCs.

Multimedia skills are his strength, but for his success, he needed a good alliance with several partners. These include Advantech, ASRock, iBase, and Sapphire, which will provide the greatest compatibility when launched.

ASRock has always been a company that has shaken hands with AMD. We have seen this with the V1000 and R1000, so they want to continue to work with the Ryzen Embedded V2000. On the other hand, Advantech will provide Mini-ITX support and COM Express solutions for IoT. In this way, we see solutions for both enterprises and mini PC users.

Finally, Sapphire would like to use this Ryzen V2000 for other segments, including Mini-PCs. Therefore, they intend to equip their new Simply NUC mini-PC with 4×4 and 5×5 motherboards running on these Ryzen Embedded V2000.


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