AMD Ryzen 9 6900H ‘Rembrandt’ would use a GPU with 12 CU

The ExecutableFix source brings us new information about the new generation of Ryzen processors for laptops called Rembrandt. More specifically, this time we see information about the Ryzen 9 6900H model.

AMD Ryzen 9 6900H ‘Rembrandt’ would use a GPU with 12 CU

Rembrandt processors for notebooks will feature up to 12 GPUs (768 Stream Processors), a configuration that could be repeated in desktop variants, which could also include an integrated GPU.

These alleged specifications of the laptop variant could be used by the Ryzen 9 6900H, S, and X CPU, as successors to the Cezanne models unveiled in January.

The Rembrandt architecture seems to be the only one announced so far that uses the Zen 3+ cores. However, there is no confirmation yet on the purported Warhol for the desktop, which also uses the Zen 3+.

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With the Rembrandt processors for mobile devices, AMD will “retire” the Vega GPU architecture and use integrated RDNA GPUs instead, which will greatly improve graphics performance in laptops running Ryzen chips.

Rembrandt will also welcome DDR5 and LPDDR5 memory, as well as support for PCIe 4.0 ports. There is also talk that it would use a 6nm process node from TSMC. At the moment, we don’t know the maximum number of cores a chip like the Ryzen 9 6900H can hold, but we suspect it will have the same number as the 5000 series with around 8 cores and 16 maximum threads.

AMD’s Rembrandt processors have shown up in a leaked roadmap as Cezanne’s successor, and all indications are that this will be the case.