AMD RSR anti-aliasing technology, based on FSR, it can be used without game adaptation

AMD will launch Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) next year in 2022 when players will be able to choose freely on almost all games whether to stretch the screen to improve the frame rate.

Nvidia recently unveiled its new universal scaling technology that can be enabled in the drivers for use in any game. According to recent rumors, AMD is reportedly working on a similar solution for its GPUs. The same would be announced this January 4 during the CES 2022 conference of the red under the name Radeon Super Resolution and would allow using FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) in any game, even if it does not have native support built-in.

AMD’s FSR has long been seen by many gamers as a great weapon against NVIDIA DLSS, as it doesn’t require proprietary hardware to run, giving many older cards a “new lease of life” and allowing them to continue playing games. However, although FSR is not limited to graphics cards and open source, if a game wants to have FSR, developers still need to manually integrate FSR into the game, so even after FSR has been launched for so long, there are still many games that are not supported.

AMD RSR, AMD RSR anti-aliasing technology, based on FSR, it can be used without game adaptation, Optocrypto

According to information leaked to Videocardz, Radeon Super Resolution will only be compatible with the Radeon RX 5000 and RX 6000 and can be used in any game that supports the exclusive full-screen mode, which is 99.9% of games on the market. There’s no information on whether it can be used in borderless fullscreen mode or if support for the Radeon RX 500 will be added, so it looks like it won’t be supported, at least for now.

Unfortunately, that’s all that’s currently known about the technology, so we’ll have to wait until January 4 to find out more details. On that day AMD will also announce its new Zen 3D-based Ryzen, the Ryzen 6000 for notebooks, the Threadripper Pro 5000WX, and the new Radeon RX 6500 XT, so there will be plenty of news outside of this new universal rescaling technology.

I personally feel that if the news of the Radeon Super Resolution is true, then it will not be positioned to replace FSR or benchmark DLSS, but to make up for the lack of FSR’s current number of games. From this point on, Radeon Super Resolution will be more similar to NVIDIA’s recently updated Image Scaling feature, and if so, then the downside of Radeon Super Resolution will be more obvious, that is, the image quality may be worse than FSR.

AMD RSR, AMD RSR anti-aliasing technology, based on FSR, it can be used without game adaptation, Optocrypto

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