AMD reported Q1 2021 profits of $3.445 billion, up 93% from 2020

AMD has released its financial results for the first quarter of 2021 (Q1 2021), revealing that the company grossed $3.445 billion, a 93% increase over the same period in 2020.

However, this represents a 69% decline from Q4 2020 ($1.781 million) and reveals the serious bottleneck issues the company is experiencing by relying solely on TSMC.

“Our business continued to accelerate in the first quarter, driven by our best-ever product portfolio, strong execution, and solid market demand,” said Dr. Lisa Su, AMD’s president, and CEO.

AMD reported Q1 2021 profits of $3.445 billion, up 93% from 2020

“We had exceptional year-over-year revenue growth across all of our businesses, and data center revenue more than doubled. The increase in our full-year guidance underscores the strong growth we expect across our business, based on increasing adoption of our high-performance computing products and growing customer relationships,” Su added.

A breakdown shows that the Computing and Graphics sector generated $2.1 billion, up 46% from Q1 2020, while the Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom sector generated $1.345 billion, up 286% and obviously influenced by the launch of next-gen consoles.

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After the release of these figures, the stock value of AMD increased by 243% and profit margin by 94% to $1.587 billion.