AMD Ray Tracing, AMD ray tracing code added to the Radeon controllers,

AMD ray tracing code added to the Radeon controllers

AMD seems to have a ray tracing code on its controllers since the release of Adrenalin 19.7.2 in July.

AMD Ray Tracing, AMD ray tracing code added to the Radeon controllers,
The AMD graphics drivers already have a code that refers to ray tracing since version Adrenalin 19.7.2, but it is not activated.

AMD Ray Tracing enabled for PS5

It’s no surprise that AMD is working on ray tracing. Nvidia has its own RTX graphics card line with ray tracing on a dedicated hardware level and also activates this DirectX function on its Pascal graphics cards. And this week rumors began to spread that the next Intel Xe graphics cards will also have ray tracing. The same goes for AMD, especially the upcoming PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Ray tracing code comes in the form of unfinished references in Microsoft’s DirectX libraries, and some .dll files seem to refer to the ‘AMDTraceRay’ code. Therefore, AMD is already working on the next generation of graphics with this technology. There is also the possibility that Ray Tracing can be integrated into current navigation graphics via software in the near future.

Since Nvidia has its RTX products on the market for more than a year, it would be logical for AMD to integrate them into their next GPUs to be competitive. RX 5800 graphics with ray tracing is a very small possibility, but it’s also rumored that the next generation of AMD GPUs with the new RDNA 2.0 architecture will arrive in 2020, and most likely I’ve already integrated this technology, knowing that AMD is working on ray tracing for the XBOX Scarlett and PlayStation 5 game consoles that will be released later this year. We’ll keep you updated.


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