AMD introduces its new Ethereum mining equipment

AMD, the US semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, California that develops computer processors, announced yesterday that it will enter the crypto-mining equipment market.

AMD introduces its new Ethereum mining equipment

With this in mind, AMD has launched a new explanation page on technology block chains and cryptocurrency mining. The new GPU-based mining equipment is presented on the page. Remember that this type of equipment is mainly used for Ethereum mining.

The site features configurations of 14 AMD Radeon RX 470 GPUs, numerous mining platforms, and an “Enterprise GPU solution with a huge capacity of 20 GPUs and advanced industrial EATX power supplies from Raijintek.

Further products are the MSI Blockchain Rig F12 with “24/7 performance with optimized heat and airflow, with 12 GPU AMD Radeon RX 470″ and the Biostar series, whose A578X8D offers a “stable, simple and fast multi-GPU platform with 8 GPU AMD Radeon RX 570”.

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However, it should be noted that they have not published the prices of their new products.

Traditionally, AMD has focused on the production of GPUs to improve game resolution; this change of direction is undoubtedly aimed at exploiting the lucrative crypto money market.

AMD’s share price made some gains after halving in October due to tariff problems.

This new introduction of mining equipment will be added to the presentation of the new Zen-2 architecture, which aims to further improve the current one and will be produced with a 7 nm lithography. The 7 nm offers twice the density of the original 14 nm Zen architecture. With the same yield, the consumption decreases by 50 percent, or with the same consumption, the yield can increase by 25 percent.