AMD Instinct MI210 is listed in Japan for 16000 USD

AMD Instinct MI200 welcomed a new GPU entry, the Mi210 model with 64GB of HBM2e memory. This HPC accelerator card has no concrete release date but was recently listed in Japan with an exorbitant price tag.

AMD Instinct MI210 with 64GB HBM2e is unveiled for $16,000 USD

AMD hasn’t confirmed the price or availability of the Mi210, but we do know what its specs are.

The AMD Instinct MI210 consists of a single chip using TSMC’s 6nm process node. That means it doesn’t feature an MCM design like other Instinct cards. The single GCD is equipped with 104 out of 128 CUs on the Aldebaran chip. This means that the GPU has 6656 stream processors.

Memory capacity is 64 GB HBM2e running over a 4096-bit bus interface, which is half of what the Instinct MI250X. offers. The memory capacity is twice that of the Instinct MI100 model.

The clock speeds are 1700 MHz (Peak Engine Clock), while the memory runs at 1600 MHz. The memory bandwidth of the GPU memory is 1638.4 GB/s.

As for computational power on paper, the MI210 offers 181 FP16 TFLOPs, 45.3 FP32 matrix TFLOPs, and the same amount for FP64 matrix computations. The default non-matrix FP64/FP32 performance is listed as 22.6 TFLOPs.

Instinct MI210, AMD Instinct MI210 is listed in Japan for 16000 USD, Optocrypto

This model requires a single 8-pin connector and its TBP consumption is 300W.

Ask-corp has released the price of the MI210 will be released this month, about 2,087,800 yen (including taxes), which is equivalent to about $16,485.65.

This amount could be lower at launch, but will likely be above $10,000.

Instinct MI210, AMD Instinct MI210 is listed in Japan for 16000 USD, Optocrypto

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