AIDA64 already supports Alder Lake-X, Intel is about to return to the HEDT market

AIDA 64 recently released a new version of patch 6.60.5944, showing that it will provide support for AlderLake-X, which means that after a long wait, Intel will return to the HEDT market. The Alder Lake-X CPUs, which breathe life into the Intel Xeon/HEDT series, have been added to the AIDA64 tool. This is preliminary support that suggests this family is coming soon to take on Threadripper.

Intel Xeon/HEDT ‘Alder Lake-X’ series to be added to the AIDA64 tool

According to recent AIDA64 update notes, Intel could be developing the 12th generation Core “Alder Lake-X” series to be released for workstations. These processors could run on the same LGA 1700 socket.

This would not be the only launch for the HEDT segment. Intel plans to launch processors based on Alder Lake-X and another with the Sapphire Rapids series, which would be the successor to the current Cascade Lake-X. Meanwhile, Alder Lake-X could be considered as the successor of Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X from yesterday, which would be a return of Intel to this segment for enthusiasts and enthusiast performance gamers always within LGA 1700.

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For the Sapphire Rapids series, this could be split into two series. The more powerful version would have more cores and support 8-channel ECC memory, in addition to 112 PCIe Gen5 lanes. The other series would be more limited with no ECC support and 64 PCIe 5.0 lanes.

Since Alder Lake-X processors are meant to be for performance enthusiasts, it’s possible that Intel will forgo E-core efficiency cores and only use P-core performance cores. The question here is whether support for AVX-512 instructions will return with this series.

AIDA64 already supports Alder Lake-X, Intel is about to return to the HEDT market

The intention would be to fight against the Threadripper series in a segment that is basically dominated only by AMD.

We will have to wait for the next few months to find out how exactly Alder Lake-X will perform and how it can compete with Threadripper. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.