AEOLUS P1 Fan, CHIOME M1-240C liquid cooler and CYCLOPS X1-1200P power supply at CES 2018

GAMDIAS announced a new line of PC component products, including the AEOLUS fan case, the CHROME liquid cooler and the ASTRAPE power supply series at CES 2018. The big giant GAMDIAS will also launch AEOLUS Box, the perfect control box that is the icing on the components. GAMDIAS exhibited the latest RGB game chair and game gears. Also, Hades M1 will soon be launched, a new wireless gaming mouse. Let’s take a first look at these incredible products at CES 2018.

AEOLUS P1 Fan, CHIOME M1-240C liquid cooler and CYCLOPS X1-1200P power supply at CES 2018


For those who have been looking for the RGB masterpiece, AEOLUS P1 will bring you unique aesthetics without audio distraction. As 16.8 million colors of customizable lighting. That has become a necessary condition for players. Also, AEOLUS P1 comes with 18 LEDs of which color and brightness. That you can adjust separately by users with AEOLUS Box.

Gamdias CHIOME M1 240C

The speed and directions of the lighting effects can be controlled entirely according to your preference. What makes AEOLUS P1 stand out is the support of AEOLUS Box, which has eight ports for plugging fans; therefore, users can enjoy eight lighting effects simultaneously or create excellent group lighting accordingly. Further, The use of aerospace grade lubricant offers better protection against wear, friction, corrosion and the accumulation of carbon deposits. Therefore, AEOLUS P1 is an excellent gaming platform to increase the cooling performance of your PC.

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CHIOME M1-240C liquid cooler

The latest liquid cooler-CHIOME M1-240C comes with a design in the pursuit of visual excellence. CHIOME M1-240C consists of two AEOLOUS P1 fan cases. That is intended for lighting customization. With AEOLUS Box, players can create their victory illuminations to their liking.

With the use of Teflon tube, copper baseplate and aerospace grade lubricant, CHIOME M1-240C covers durability, thermal conductivity, and silence all at once. CHIOME M1-240C has an intelligent PWM temperature control for superior thermal and noise management. Its extraordinary cooling performance is just what you need to become an experienced player!


CYCLOPS X1-1200P power supply

Also, the power supply performs a crucial role in a PC. So, the most knowledgeable users refer to the loss of energy and excess heat caused by the conversion, CYCLOPS X1- 1200P offers exceptional efficiency with the 80 PLUS Platinum certification. Guarantees up to 92% energy efficiency and generates less noise.

Gamdias CYCLOPS X1 1200

Also, CYCLOPS X1- 1200P is built with high-end components for unparallel stability and durability. The 100% Japanese capacitors not only provide a stable supply of electricity.

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But the fully modular cables along with the drawings also allow users to maintain maximum airflow and cable management. Are you still looking for a power source with the best quality in its class? Covered by a 10-year warranty, CYCLOPS X1- 1200P guarantee for its robust power delivery.