10 fascinating gadgets on CES 2018

CES is the place where tomorrow’s exciting technology appears. But there are also products that are more fun than sensible gadgets. Here are ten examples.

The machine that folds your clothes

Do you use Muttra over the sadness that turns out when you refuse laundry? Then maybe this product is something for you. Foldimate is a machine that folds the laundry for you and can do this in just four minutes. It’s big like a dishwasher and costs around 10,000 kronor. But can you put a price tag on the time you do not have to spend your laundry? Foldimate is expected to be available by the end of 2019, and it is unclear which markets apply.

A flying “car.”

It has long been talked about the self-driving car, and a lot of progress has been made in the area in recent years. But when Intel was to present its work in the field of CES, it was in the form of Volocopter, a self-flying helicopter that could transport people. It has already been tested and works, and if people think about kidding around in the air with a machine like a pilot, only that little obstacle, called legislation, remains. If we had problems with ordinary drones, you can just guess what concerns this would have.

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    The self-flying helicopter Volocopter was shown under Intel’s presentation.

A smart clock is driven by your body heat

One of the latest product categories in the fashion world has been the smartwatches. They can be integrated with our other smart gadgets in different ways and help with various parts of our everyday lives, ranging from notifications to monitoring our progress in training. But a concern that all smart bells are pulled with is limited battery life.

That would like the company Matrix to change the clock Powerwatch X that uses thermoelectric charge from the user’s body heat to continually charge the battery.

The watch should be able to monitor your training and also receive notifications from the phone via Bluetooth. Powerwatch X will cost about $ 250 and will be shipped during the first quarter of this year, probably not to the Swedish market.

10 fascinating gadgets on CES 2018, Optocrypto

A thick clock charged through body heat? Good thought, unclear how good it is in practice.

Taxin takes to the clouds

Do you feel it’s under all criticism that all those futuristic hover cars from science fiction movies are not here yet? The company Bell Helicopter wants to change it and showed below the CES the helicopter, which at first glance looks like just a futuristic car. That is because the company only brought the cabin to the fair, the rotor blades and other equipment required actually to make it fly were not part of the exhibition. But for those who want to pretend to be in the Demolition Man, Blade Runner or Total Recall movie, maybe watching an eye on Bell Taxi in the future.

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    It’s formally odd sci-fi films from the 80’s and 90’s.

Nokia cleans your sleep

Do you feel difficult to fall asleep properly and lack enough information about how your rest actually works? Then Nokia Sleep may be something to invest in. The Finnish company introduced this smartly connected collection of sensors built into a mattress.

It can measure when you’re falling asleep, and thanks to home automation support through IFTTT, you can configure what’s happening in your smart home when you’re about to fall asleep. Perhaps you decrease the brightness of the lights slowly while the blinds are lowering and the temperature in the bedroom decreases gradually as this happens? The communication takes place over the wifi, and Nokia’s Health Mate Health Mate then evaluates how well your sleep has been.

Part of this is said to keep track of your snoring. Like most of the fair, Nokia Sleep will also be integrated with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, so you’ll be able to wander to Alexa and wonder how well your sleep is. Nokia Sleep will be shipped during the first quarter of this year and will cost about $ 100, just over $ 1000.

10 fascinating gadgets on CES 2018, Optocrypto

With Nokia Sleep you may also be disapproved of the relaxation from the studies.

Say hi to smart socks

Everything is going to be smart; it’s quite clear. Mattresses, refrigerators, briefs, hair brushes … yes, there’s no end it seems like. An addition to the categories covered is now socks when the company Siren Care shows up just smart socks under CES. The idea behind Siren Care’s intelligent socks, however, is excellent.

The company wants to develop smart monitoring of our health. That integrates into our clothes that we always wear, more than our intelligent gadgets even. The first step becomes socks. And the idea here is that they will keep track of temperature changes in your feet. For example, to inform people with diabetes when something appears to be wrong and they should consult a doctor.

They mostly look like any socks, but a small bulging device communicates with an app on your phone. Where you can see temperature levels on your feet and if there are any warning signs you should check up. The socks must be machine washable and available via a subscription model. Every six months, Siren Care replaces the socks. It is unclear in which markets Siren Care’s products can be subscribed.

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    The technique below lets you know how hot your soles are actually.

Smart barbecue robots?

Robot vacuum cleaners and robot lawn mowers have many of us safely come into contact with, and several of us may own or suck for one. But a robot that cleans your grill may be something of a more niche product. In the barbecue party’s home country, the United States seems to have companies that believe in the idea, and at CES one is shown. If the next version can turn around the hamburgers and apply hamburger dressing, maybe we’ll be a bit more interested in the concept.

Earless earphones

Besides that, it might be fun to jump and scream “I’m Baseband” the first quarter or this product falls into the category “things we did not know it was asked for.” But bands are cordless headphones that are not placed over your ears. Instead, they are set around your skull and can convey sound to your ears anyway. First, Apple takes away the headphone game, and now the ears are removed from the equation as well. Where should this stop?

10 fascinating gadgets on CES 2018, Optocrypto

A genital product

Are you worried that phones, smart clocks, televisions, and other devices will shatter your most holy regions? Discard your concern; Spartan Underwear comes to rescue! These counters will protect your lower areas from 99 percent of all the radiation that is around you. What the remaining percentage is, we do not know. Maybe radiation from space, but it may be fixed in version two.

10 fascinating gadgets on CES 2018, Optocrypto

Weighing belt

It may sometimes be anxious to stand on the scale and see what effect the Christmas food has done. Or the shame factor in actually having to move a pair of holes back into the belt. If you want to increase the shame factor a couple of snaps too. You can start using the belt from the company Welt. The strap keeps track of and can balance your calorie intake. But most will offer two very particular messages about how far away from your goal you are.

gadgets, 10 fascinating gadgets on CES 2018, Optocrypto

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