Razer revives the hybrid computer with Project Linda

During CES 2018, Razer showed that the company’s first phone would form the basis of the hybrid processor, Project Linda.

The CES fair was filled with the breadth of exciting technology news. The majority of the press was about smart assistants, smart speakers, and smart home gadgets, but regular consumer gadgets were also featured, and such was Razer’s experimental project, Linda. Here, the company’s first phone combines Razer Phone with a portable computer dock.

The laptops in Project Linda have quite a few components inside. In addition to a battery that will suffice to charge the phone’s battery three times. It also includes 200 gigabytes of internal storage and ports for connecting USB accessories. Also, there is a USB Type-A, and a USB Type-C, as well as headphones via 3.5mm audio output. Also, the 13.3-inch screen and its resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels are entirely powered by the Razer Phone hardware.

  • Razer revives the hybrid computer with Project Linda

Razer revives the hybrid computer with Project Linda

The phone is connected to the dock via USB Type-C and placed where we place the mouse pad. Also, that is logical because the phone’s screen has use of mouse pad. According to reports from the fair trade floor, the phone screen as a mouse pad will not work very smoothly. But it is still a solution in the prototype stage and may be better until it becomes a commercial product.

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The keyboard comes with RGB lighting, which is typical of the company’s accessories in the PC market. The style is reminiscent of the one used in the company’s laptops in the Razer Blade family. That comes with black and square aesthetics. The dock weighs 1.25 kilos with the phone.

Project Linda is still a concept. And Razer said that there are some bugs to fix, and features they hope to add in the final product. For example, the current screen does not support 120 Hz image update. That is the phone’s major selling point. Also, we do not know the releasing date of the gadget.