ZF9 is the world’s first Dolby Atmos® soundtrack to produce three-dimensional virtual surround sound

HT-ZF9 premium soundbar with Dolby Atmos through Sony’s virtual technology brings a new level of cinema sound to homes. The new Sony vertical surround engine generates unique three-dimensional virtual surround sound. That comes without the need for speakers installed on the ceiling or facing upwards.

ZF9 is the world’s first Dolby Atmos® soundtrack to produce three-dimensional virtual surround sound

ZF9 is the world’s first Dolby Atmos® soundtrack to produce three-dimensional virtual surround sound

Also, Sony launches the HT-XF9000 sound bar with two-channel front speakers. Whose design concept is compatible with the home TV. This 2.1 channel bar may have fewer speakers. But it also features the Dolby Atmos cinematic surround sound features and the vertical surround engine.

Capable and compact

With Dolby Atmos and DTS: X ™ support, the HT-ZF9 Sound Bar offers an immersive audio experience to the audience on the couch.

The vertical surround engine in the HT-ZF9 soundbar. That can produce a similar feeling to the helicopter shafts. So, combining this sensation with the S-Force Pro Front Surround technology that improves the surround sound field in the front. That produces a hard-to-beat effect on the 3.1 channel sound bars. Additionally, even without Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, users can enjoy the three-dimensional virtual sound. So, thanks to Sony technology, which can mix stereo two-channel content to 7.1.2 channels, creating height.

Alternatively, there is the option to add a rear pair of SA-Z9R speakers designed exclusively to be coupled with the HT-ZF9, and that can extend the surround sound experience with a real surround speaker configuration.

Best Virtual Surround

The HT-ZF9 supports the 4K HDR and Dolby Vision ™ transfer so that the original image quality is transmitted directly through the soundbar to the TV without any loss in quality, color, clarity or brightness. As for the audio component, HT-ZF9 supports Hi-Res audio formats, including playback from a USB source. Alternatively, users can enjoy any of the other hi-res music files on Bluetooth® and LDAC ™ mobile devices thanks to DSEE HX ™ (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX) technology.

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Soundbars ZF9 HT and HT-XF9000 are designed to complement a selection of new TVs Sony BRAVIA ® – so users will get a configuration that works elegantly, both regarding finishing materials and physical form.

The design of both soundbars easily integrates into the living space. Thus, the HT-XF9000 has angled edges at an angle that fits perfectly between the feet of the Sony KD-XF90.

ZF9 Best Connectivity

With these two sound bars, users can drop cables by connecting the soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth for a clean look.

The HT-ZF9 also has Wi-Fi enabled, so users can quickly benefit from the introduction of Chromecast [1] – thus gaining new music experiences through voice operations. Therefore, users can stream music from HT-ZF9 streaming services or opt for multi-camera playback that feeds the same music simultaneously across the house. With Spotify Connect [2] included, music playback is smooth, with just a few touches. Also, for ease of use, a user-friendly and intuitive user interface makes setup and use more accessible with the TV.

With two HDMI inputs and an HDMI output available on the HT-ZF9. So, users can connect multiple devices to the soundbar, improving the home theater setup. Both models also have Bluetooth® connectivity and USB inputs. That means it’s possible to listen to music from mobile devices or a USB stick.

The HT-ZF9 will be priced at about € 800 / £ 700 and will be available from April 2018.

The HT-XF9000 will be priced at about € 500 / £ 450 and will be available from April 2018.