ZenUml: An extension to convert code into a sequence diagram

On the Internet, we can find lots of tools to save time in our work. If you dedicate yourself to the world of programming on the Internet, we see a multitude of free software with which to improve our productivity. Today we are talking about ZenUml, a free extension to convert code into a sequence diagram.


How do ZenUml works?

As the creators of the extension say, it is a tool that will save time and avoid errors in the process of creating sequence diagrams, elements used to demonstrate the logic of a given process. One of the advantages is that it is not necessary to drag and drop items into the interface. Instead, it is only required to enter our code, and the sequence diagram will be generated automatically.

Chrome WebVR Technology Experience

Of course, it is an extension created explicitly for those users with technical experience behind it. Since it is necessary to use code fragments to be able to generate the diagrams. At this point, we can not deny the utility of the tool, which can facilitate the day to day of many programmers.

If you think it might be useful, you can install it for free through the Chrome Web Store. Here is a video that quickly shows the operation of the extension:




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