Xiaomi smart glasses exposed: MicroLED with Sunny design

Xiaomi has just unveiled its first concept design for smart glasses that will replace your smartphone in the future. The company made it clear that it has no plans to put them on sale for now but still offered very detailed information to showcase its vision for this market.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses | Showcase | A display in front of your eyes

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses have a conventional shape, to begin with, and unlike the Ray-Ban Stories, which only contain cameras for photos, they have a screen that allows the use of various augmented reality features. For this screen, Xiaomi has chosen a monochrome MicroLED system that offers a higher pixel density than an OLED screen and also has a longer lifespan.

The display is the size of a grain of rice (2.4 mm x 2.02 mm) and is used for navigation, translations, and on-screen notifications, among other things.

Xiaomi smart glasses

It should be noted that these glasses are a standalone Android device that doesn’t need to be constantly connected to a phone. They would use a quad-core ARM processor, accompanied by WiFi and Bluetooth modules and a 5 MP camera. They weigh only 51 grams, so they won’t bother you even if you use them for hours.

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The fact that the company announces the glasses shortly after Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories launch is a clear indication that Xiaomi is ready to compete with the company – provided there is enough interest from users.

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