Xiaomi introduces artificial intelligence into its routers

In the marketplace, artificial intelligence is making significant progress. This is why Xiaomi wanted to incorporate it into new products. The Chinese manufacturer announces its new routers, which make use of this artificial intelligence. These are two new models, which will make use of it, although they will maintain low prices, as is usual in the company.


Xiaomi introduces artificial intelligence into its routers

Xiaomi Mi Router 4 and Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q are the names of these two new routers from the popular Chinese manufacturer. Thanks to the use of AI, they promise to give users a number of advantages over a normal router.

New Xiaomi routers

They promise to protect users’ networks from a vulnerability known as DNS Hijacking, which will prevent malicious code from being injected into them. So Xiaomi is concerned about the security of users on these routers. In addition, these are two very advanced models, which can automatically switch between TCP and QUIC.

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This will reduce the number of connections and the bandwidth used. Finally, Xiaomi’s two routers promise up to a 20% improvement in charging time. So they will be much quicker to use. In short, improvements of importance for the company.

Neither of the two models is currently available on the company’s website. Although it shouldn’t take them too long to become officers. We expect to have data on its launch within a few days.