Xbox Adaptive Controller: Offers Easy Control for disabled

Xbox Adaptive Controller is available now on official Microsoft store. It makes it easier to access video games for people with disabilities.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller is now available in the Microsoft Store for 89,99 Euro. It is a pretty unique game controller that allows disabled players to enjoy their favorite games in more comfortable ways.

It is worth remembering that the main interest of this device is to offer both simplified access to the buttons and, above all, an impressive selection of connectors on the back and sides of the case. The connector can be used to connect all types of devices adapted to disabled players (one-button interface, joystick, surface with the proximity sensor, pedal, etc.). Following a brief programming, they act as keys, just like the keys on a conventional paddle would.

In September 2018, Microsoft launched a brand new controller for the Xbox One: the Xbox Adaptive Controller. This controller has the special feature of addressing players with limited mobility. In order to meet this challenge in the best possible way, the Xbox teams worked side-by-side with specialized associations, accessory manufacturers and people with disabilities.

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Rectangular, it houses large, modular buttons: it’s up to the player to assign them the function of a classic Xbox controller button, thanks to the Xbox Accessories application. The Xbox Adaptive Controller can accommodate two USB ports and 19 3.5mm jacks on the back of the pad. Enough to carry a whole bunch of game accessories with you. David Combarieu, the founder of Handigamer and an expert on accessibility, explains: “PC accessories are becoming more and more interoperable with the Xbox One. Previously, we had to make the connectors ourselves or modify conventional controls.”

Xbox Adaptive Controller
The usual wireless functions are just as normal and the controller can be connected to the mains and recharged via the USB Type-C charger. The Xbox Adaptive Controller is already available for pre-order and is available for 99,99 Euro in the Xbox-Online shop.