This is the word that unlocks any Apple computer

Apple has already published a patch that solves the problem and urges all users to install it
A serious security breach in the latest version of the operating system of Mac computers allowed anyone to unlock the computer. And have access to all files with only one word used: “root.”

This is the word that unlocks any Apple computer

This is the word that unlocks any Apple computer

The most successful version of the operating system of Apple’s Mac computers has a severe security flaw. This problem, which is already considered the most serious that the company has faced in its history. As it allows anyone to unlock the computer and access as the administrator to all files with only one word used: “root.”

The discovery comes from a Turkish developer named Lemi Orhan. And assumes that anyone can be able to log on to a computer with the MacOS High Sierra operating system (the latest version) without a password.
According to the information published by Orhan on Twitter, when the system requests a username, it would only be necessary to introduce the word “root, “. And without the need to add a password, by pressing ‘enter’ several times, the system is unlocked.


The company has taken less than 24 hours to launch the security update 2017-001. So, dedicated to plugging the security hole that allows entering systems without a password.

According to Apple, the error was in the validation of the credentials. So the solution has been to improve that validation, the company has commented without offering more details.
Therefore, it is vital that all computer users using MacOS High Sierra update their computer to end this historical error.
However, it is still very striking that Apple. Also, that is a company gets by a lower level of vulnerability to threats of piracy and malware than its rival Microsoft subject of this severe security breach.

The Cupertino company began just a year ago to give rewards to those developers or hackers. Who indicated errors in their devices or operating systems. It is a common practice in other technology companies. But until then, the company founded by Steve Jobs had not done so.


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