Windows Live Essentials is still alive and you can install it on Windows 10

Things are tough in the world of software. Featuring how difficult it is to make your program or game successful and we find ourselves in confusing situations like closing Messenger (also known as Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger), a very popular messaging application that died before his time due to Microsoft’s decision to give Skype priority.

Windows 10, Windows Live Essentials is still alive and you can install it on Windows 10, Optocrypto

Similar situation lived the Windows Live Essentials or Windows Essentials package, a Microsoft combination that includes the mentioned Messenger, but also SkyDrive (now OneDrive), a photo application, another to write, a mail manager of popular Movie Maker, a home application for editing videos in Windows.

As such, it was launched in 2005 and had several versions with different applications. The last version was released in 2012. From then on, it was decided to partially integrate it into Windows 8 and no longer offer it separately. But outside of integration was Movie Maker.

Microsoft’s last action was to remove the executable from the servers in early 2017. But as in fiction, nothing dies in the software world through the Internet and the repositories of old software.

The most drastic example is the possibility to test older versions of Windows and MacOS in your browser.

Well, then. Ghack’s managers discovered that the Windows Essentials Installer was still available on the Internet, more specifically in the Internet Archive, a virtual library that stores not only books, movies and music, but also versions of websites and software from yesterday and today.

Although Microsoft stopped offering official support on January 10, 2017 and suggested that alternatives be published in its Microsoft Store, we can download Windows Live Essentials from the Internet archive and run it on Windows 10.

Download Microsoft Windows Live Essentials 2012

The Internet Archive tab on Windows Live Essentials contains all the information you need. The installer and included applications are compatible with Windows 7 and higher.

The package includes Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Messenger, Writer, and OneDrive. The most useful is Movie Maker and Photo Gallery, while Mail doesn’t work well and Messenger doesn’t have a network of servers to make it work.

Windows 10, Windows Live Essentials is still alive and you can install it on Windows 10, Optocrypto

On the other hand, OneDrive has been updated several times and Writer still works, but we can choose a more recent version, although it was not developed by Microsoft as before.

There are two ways to download Windows Live Essentials, via Torrent or via direct download.

Run Windows Live Essentials on Windows 10

We said before about Windows Live Essentials 2012, the last known version, was released for Windows 7 and Windows 8 in August of that year.

Apart from the fact that some components of this suite no longer work for obvious reasons, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, and Writer open perfectly under Windows 10.

The plant has no secrets and more than one will remember them from the past. We select the components to install and follow the instructions.

Windows Movie Maker is easy and free to use (as opposed to payment options such as Adobe Premiere) and offers many advanced features such as voiceover, audio mixer, H.264 / MP4 support in the latest version, export to Vimeo or YouTube…..

Windows Photo Gallery can be used to manage, organize, and edit photos in most formats, including RAW formats for digital cameras. With the latest version, you can create collages with up to 50 images and upload videos to Vimeo.

Writer or Windows Live Writer is the tool for creating web pages and publishing them to blogs. It is compatible with Blogger, WordPress, and others and allows uploading text, images, and even maps.

One of the advantages is that you can edit articles offline and then upload them. You can also manage labels and preview how they will look when they are published.

Windows Live Essentials may have better alternatives today, but it was so successful that many will find it useful to recover applications like Photo Gallery or Windows Media Maker and run them normally on Windows 10.

Windows 10, Windows Live Essentials is still alive and you can install it on Windows 10, Optocrypto

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