What’s new in Android O? Top Three Features Exposed

The arrival of Android O is imminent in smartphone technology. The new version of the operating system is just around the corner. As with every upgrade, some enhancements and new features are expected to be introduced. Now for a long time, we are continuously getting a lot of news about it. But on many occasions, there were unconfirmed rumors.

What’s new with Android?

Top 10 Android O New Features

Luckily, we already know the main novelties that the new version of Android will bring when it arrives this month of August. And they are news that surely many users will like or took the time to wait for them to reach Android devices. Android Developer Preview is official now.

Android O News:

In total the main novelties are the three update of the operating system. Not that it is a very high amount, although they promise a noticeable change for users. So they are significant changes. That’s for sure. These are the top three new features that Android O will leave us:

New notification system:

It has been the most announced news from the beginning. It will now be possible to organize notifications into groups and set priorities. So we can establish that the notifications of some applications have more priority than others. It promises to be more comfortable for the user, so we hope it works.

New icons:

In Android icons, there is something that depends on the layers of customization. Now, with Android O you will have new icons but let each interface determine which ones you want to use as a selection.

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The picture in picture:

Now, users will be able to perform more than one task at the same time. Especially if we are watching a video, we will be able to execute another application without the video or the audio to stop.

As you can see, there are many new features although they promise changes in the operation of Android Or for users. We will see how they work once we have android O on our smartphones. What do you think?




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