What are the differences between a proxy and a VPN?

VPN networks and proxies have become popular today, mainly because of the need to access web services or portals that are restricted or unavailable for our countries. So, in an attempt to overcome the boundaries, these two words have become very famous and repeated, but most users speak of VPN and proxy as synonyms when they are really two completely different concepts, albeit with some related points.

VPN, What are the differences between a proxy and a VPN?, Optocrypto

Although both services work when it comes to surfing anonymously, they are not the same and even cover different needs.

What is it and what does a proxy do?

First, we have the proxy, let us see the proxy as a “representative” that gives you its identity so that when you access a restricted page in your country via a proxy, you enter a page with the data of your representative. The data requested by your browser first passes through this “representative”, which then goes to the portal and displays it to you.

VPN, What are the differences between a proxy and a VPN?, Optocrypto

The data that comes out of your computer through the use of a proxy is stored on its servers, so that all your traffic is vulnerable when using one of these services, since you place it in the hands of an “intermediary” or “representative” and there is nothing that protects the connection you make from your computer to the proxy……. Its main function is to query the network by providing anonymity, which is why a proxy can help you overcome location restrictions.

VPNs are completely different

On the other hand, there are VPN (Virtual Private Network) networks that are neither intermediaries nor representatives, this type of technology can be considered a large travel agency. This travel agency offers you the possibility to reach every part of the world from your door by private means, with security mechanisms that protect all the information you send, and also the possibility to access various services according to your needs, such as remote printers or the intranet of your company.

VPN, What are the differences between a proxy and a VPN?, Optocrypto
In this way, VPNs operate as tunnels in the network, encrypting and transmitting all data sent by your device over a path that does not have more traffic than that of the clients on that private network and monitoring its inputs and outputs. In this sense, when you navigate through a VPN, take a seat on this private highway and enjoy all the security mechanisms offered, so many services we install on our devices offer a limited number of MB per month, as in the case of Tunnel Bear.

So within a VPN tunnel you are really connected to a server or a large travel agency that offers all the amenities and leads you through its private gateway to this restricted portal in your country.

In this sense, we can distinguish these two concepts as follows: the proxy as an agent that provides you with your data to enter a restricted website, and the VPN as a large travel agency that provides you with all security methods and guides you on its way to this portal or service that you cannot enter via your location.

VPN, What are the differences between a proxy and a VPN?, Optocrypto

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