Vodafone Video Pass will soon increase in price

Vodafone Video Pass is a subscription application for customers of the operator, which stands out for not consuming megabytes. This particular application is intended for the consumption of video (YouTube or Netflix) for the user. Now, it is announced that the subscription price of this application will soon rise in price. Something that users won’t like too much.

Vodafone Video Pass will soon increase in price

Vodafone Video Pass will soon increase in price

This is a very popular application, as it allows you to watch videos without consuming mobile data. Therefore, it represents an important saving for the users who make use of it. Until now, its monthly cost was 8 euros.

The price increase for Vodafone Video Pass

However, the operator itself has announced on its official website the increase in the price of this subscription. The price is currently 8 euros per month, for customers who already have it and new subscribers. However, as of 31 August, everyone who already has an account and subscribers will have to pay 10 euros per month. This increase is justified by the high demand for network traffic.

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Since the consumption of users using Vodafone Video Pass seems to be high. Therefore, the operator seeks to compensate part of this consumption with this increase in price. Which isn’t too much either, although no one likes to have to pay more.

Therefore, those interested in subscribing to this service, until 31 August, will still cost 8 euros per month. But once this date passes, the cost will be a little more and they will pay 10 euros each month.