VMware VSAN 6.6 Provides Modernization to Data Centers

The VMware, the global leader in cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobility today introduces a new version of VMware vSAN that is VMware VSAN 6.6. See what new features are in new version VMware VSAN 6.6?

VMware VSAN 6.6 Provides Modernization to Data Centers
VMware VSAN 6.6 Provides Modernization to Data Centers

And among the main properties of the new product VMware VSAN 6.6. That is the industry’s first integrated security infrastructure provides the lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and an increase of performance for all-flash-storage up to 50%. All these advantages combined to help customers to accelerate the modernization of its data centers using VMware VSAN 6.6.

VMware VSAN 6.6 Improved Efficiency

According to IDC, HCI-systems are the fastest growing segment of the market converged or integrated systems. And by combining the software-defined computational resources and storage subsystem with industry-standard servers, the HCI-systems enable customers to simplify IT operations. And this new system improves efficiency, while reducing the cost of initial investment and ongoing operating costs compared to traditional storage systems.

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Risk Free Systems in VMware VSAN 6.6

It will help customers to develop its infrastructure with minimal risks using the built-in security. That is the reliable implementation of high availability and a wide range of hardware platforms. This comes true by including advanced flash technologies like (SSD) Intel® Optane ™. The latest release VMware VSAN 6.6 will also contribute to a lower total cost of ownership through intelligent self-service transactions, and cloud analytics. That provides the flexibility and performance to support advanced applications and equipment.


“Since the initial release of VMware vSAN 2014 customers use VSAN. And thanks to savings on total cost of ownership there is an ease of computing resources and storage, – says Yanbing Lee. So the storage and Availability Business Unit, VMware. And it comes with the innovative features. Such as several new options for the industry. And option to further promote the widespread infrastructure introduction. That helps customers modernize their data centers to gain a competitive advantage through the newfound flexibility “.

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