The Linkedin CV Assistant for Word Online users

A while ago Linkedin introduced an assistant to help users write their own resumes. In this way, they would have better chances for interviews and jobs. As most of you know, the professional social network is owned by Microsoft. And at the time it was announced that this assistant would be integrated into Word, which is beginning to happen already.

The Linkedin CV Wizard for Word Online users

Since all Word Online users can start writing their own CVs with this assistant. After it reached Office 365 users a few months ago, it’s time for the online version.

Word Online + Linkedin Assistant

The task of this Assistant is to help users write a resume that attracts the attention of the HR staff. It will provide us with a series of tips to help us create a better resume. These are based on Linkedin’s own experience and make it a reliable source for CVs.

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The integration of the Assistant with Word simplifies the process considerably. In the document editor, we have the assistant with its tips. But one of the keys is that the resume should never be too long because the person will stop reading it.

Word Online users can now use this Assistant when writing their own resumes. Do you find the Linkedin Assistant useful?