The explosion of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 caused severe burns to a girl

The explosion of batteries in smartphones is not new to Samsung. Let’s remember that the company had to withdraw the Galaxy Note 7 at a high cost because the phone exploded. Well, note 7 is not the only Samsung phone with explosion problems. Between March and April 2017 there were at least two reports of explosions with Galaxy Note 4 batteries during charging. One of these cases was in China, the other in Texas.

The explosion of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 caused severe burns to a girl

Yesterday from China, the Xiqing District Court in Tianjin announced that an explosion of a smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, disfigured a 5-year-old girl and hindered her with second-degree burns. The young woman’s family sues the Korean production giant for disability and punitive damages amounting to 1.69 million yuan (249,000 dollars).

As far as we know, Samsung has offered the family in China about $1,200 to pay the girl’s medical bills. However, the case is far from over.

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From the time of the incident until today there has been much controversy over the cause of the explosion and the case has stalled. However, some progress was made yesterday and Samsung seems to be on the losing side.

It’s a real shame for the damage you’ve done to this baby.

What do you think about that? Have you ever heard of phones exploding?