Microsoft HoloScreens empowers a multi monitor environment without requiring any physical

HoloScreens (Mirage)

Today Microsoft introduced an application for Hololens users codenamed HoloScreens (codename Mirage), a HoloScreens application that allows users to easily expand their workspace in the virtual world. Users simply start the HoloLens app in HoloLens and see the QR code in the HoloLens PC app.

Devices like the HoloLens, which are currently only intended for business users in the future, could also be useful for the daily productivity of all of us. Or at least that is Microsoft’s vision for HoloScreens.

HoloScreens (Mirage)

Microsoft HoloScreens will add virtual monitors to

real ones

As you can see in the screenshot above, HoloLens users can use this app to add virtual displays, adjust the layout of the display, adjust the position of the display, and much more. Just like a multi-monitor setup in the real world, HoloLens users can easily move their cursor from a physical to a virtual screen. The user can also drag the application from the physical display to the virtual display.

HoloScreens (Mirage)

In fact, for all intentions and purposes not related to physical location, these HoloScreens will operate under the normal multi-screen configuration, which allows us to move and interact with the mouse pointer and even drag windows and programs across screens.

Although no date for availability has been announced at this stage, the seemingly advanced progress that can be observed in the data collection could be a good omen for an early presentation.

HoloScreens (Mirage): virtual screens on HoloLens

It should be noted that this could be an experimental project and is not intended for a large-scale introduction. For such a technology to be truly effective and not just a stylistic exercise, it will be necessary first and foremost to make mixed reality more accessible to viewers, also on an economic level.

Although this new application will save users money when purchasing large screens, it does not currently bring any real savings either. And even if the price of the Microsoft HoloLens is required, up to 4,500 dollars, it is still too high. It is to be hoped that the creation of this new type of technology and the investment in it will open up this still-to-be-used market by introducing new products and standardizing their prices.