T2 Chip saved Apple products from cold boot vulnerability

Security researchers have discovered that most modern computers are not sufficiently protected against data theft. Owners of an iMac Pro or a new MacBook Pro, however, are in a good position: the T2 chip built into these devices prevents these attacks.

T2 Chip saved Apple products from cold boot vulnerability

Apple is therefore right to say that the T2 chip further enhances Mac integration and security. Obviously, the integrated Secure Enclave coprocessor helps to protect user data better.

The attack documented by the security company F-Secure exploits a vulnerability on Mac and Windows computers. In the course of a so-called “cold boot” attack, cached data is read from the main memory after a computer has not been properly shut down while booting.

However, most users are confident that the attack requires physical access to the computer, for example, in the form of theft or robbery. However, manufacturers should use the results as an opportunity to improve their security measures in this regard.

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Apple has only been installing its T2 processor for a short time, and so far only on the powerful Pro models. However, it can be assumed that the technology will be incorporated into the full range of products in the long term. In addition to the security features mentioned above, the chip also supports the FaceTime HD camera built into the devices or is used for the “Hey Siri” feature available with the new MacBook Pro.