Stranger Things 3: The game can now be played on both iOS and Android

The new season of the popular series already has game for mobile phones. Stranger Things 3: The game is official and can now be downloaded on both Android and iOS. This new release will be available for both operating systems and will be one of the most popular games in the coming months. It will be released at a price of 5.49 Euro, something many people might not like.

Stranger Things 3: The game is now available for iOS and Android

The game was released on consoles in July and now, a few months later, it is already being released for mobile phones as many were waiting with great interest.

With the characters of the series, we face a series of challenges in the village that we have to solve. Stranger Things 3: The Game is expected to be one of the most popular throughout this month. The aesthetics of the game have been renewed, as has its gameplay, after the many problems with the second installment. For the users a positive change in this sense.

The story is identical to that of the series, without changes along those lines. So if you’ve seen it this season, you won’t have any problems playing it on your Android phone or iOS.

Now you can officially download Stranger Things 3: The Game on Android and iOS. Although the cost is something that won’t be too much fun for many users.



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