Silverstone announces the KR01 low-profile heat sink

Silverstone announces the first heatsink of the Krypton series called KR01. This is a special heat sink for AMD CPUs, including compatibility with the AM4 socket and previous generations AM3/AM2/FM2/FM2/FM2/FM2/FM1.

Silverstone announces the KR01 low-profile heat sink
Silverstone launches the Krypton series with the economical KR01 heat sink.
The heat sink is fixed by the standard AMD mounting mechanism so that the wider mounting opening on the AM4 does not interfere with its compatibility.


This Silverstone heat sink model is a powerful alternative to AMD coolers in stock, with two 6mm heatpipes for better cooling. The locking mechanism is exactly the same as for the reference AMD coolers, which are of the locking type. The 80mm fan has double bearings and is a PWM model, so you can adjust the speed according to the thermal load. The actual cooling capacity is up to 95W, so it is not recommended for use with a Ryzen 7 2700X.

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Silverstone announces the KR01 low-profile heat sink

The heat sink is 107 mm wide and 82 mm deep. With the fan, it is only 54 mm high, so it fits most low-profile chassis. The fan operates at speeds between 800 and 3000 rpm and reaches 33dBA with an airflow of up to 34.33 CFM.

The Silverstone Krypton KR01 series is now available for only 13.90 Euro. Quite a low cost for the Ryzen low-end processors below 95 W TDP. This can be an interesting option to replace the standard heatsink.