satellites Broadband now possible with SpaceX technologies

The company SpaceX manages to obtain the support from the communications regulator of the United States. This support is to create a broadband network with the implementation of satellites. It was Ajit Pai, president of the Federal Communications Commission, who made the news known.

satellites Broadband now possible with SpaceX technologies

satellites Broadband now possible with SpaceX technologies

This proposal aims to offer Internet services with satellites, not only in the country but worldwide. That could contribute to making satellite technology accessible even to those who live in rural areas.

SpaceX has just launched the most powerful rocket in the world recently. The Falcon Heavy that has 23 floors high. That is not only gigantic, but also the first rocket to place a car in space.

Ajit, referring to the approval granted, mentioned that it is the first time that this permit has been granted to a company. It would be the American company, which originates the use of broadband thanks to low-orbit satellites.

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For many, it is a very promising idea since there are areas where the use of cellular cables and antennas is impossible. Also, this would create endless opportunities and new services for the entire country.

This idea arose when Elon Musk made public his thoughts on satellite internet in 2015. For him, this option would allow investing in the future, and create a city on the red planet. Already for the previous year, the Federal Communications Commission had approved applications from other companies. This, in order to expand Internet access in remote areas, with difficult access and communication.

To carry out this satellite technology project, the US government is making multiple efforts. Approximately 15 million Americans do not have internet. Hence the importance of building a satellite broadband network that meets the needs of the entire population.