Samsung works on ‘Nautilus’, its new convertible laptop Chromebook

The people of Chrome Unboxed have discovered clues that suggest that Samsung is working on a new high-end Chromebook that promises to blow our heads.

Samsung would present the Chromebook ‘Nautilus’ very soon

Nautilus Samsung works on

Samsung works on ‘Nautilus,’ its new convertible laptop Chromebook

This project called ‘Nautilus’ is apparently a removable Chrome OS tablet instead of one with ‘notebook’ type design. However, unlike other tablets, its hardware is a compelling mix of Intel chips and a Sony quality camera.

Specifically, we would be talking about a 7th generation Intel Core processor as they usually come in those laptops with Windows 10, but they will use a Sony IMX258 camera. Those who are familiar with smartphone technology will recognize the name of the LG G6 using one of these cameras. That is a significant update compared to typical Chromebook solutions.

Ready for CES 2018?

Samsung works on

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) fair is only a week away, and many expect   ‘Nautilus’ to appear on the site. Although there are still not many details available, the use of a 7th generation Intel processor suggests that this product would be ready to reach the market sooner rather than later.

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With the specifications we are seeing, 7th generation Intel processor and a high-quality camera, we assume that the price will also be higher than other Chromebooks. We can only wait a few days at the CES fair to see if it will be there. Or if that it is an unfounded rumor.

The great novelty of this Nautilus would be in his camera. In fact, the product sheet marked by ChromeUnboxed indicates that the PC would ship a Sony IMX258 sensor. A sensor that has proven itself, since it is the same as that of the LG G6. Thus, Samsung hopes to turn the head of the consumer with this argument; the Nautilus may be the first Chromebook comes with a sturdy camera. The PC should be presented next week and could arrive in France. If Samsung no longer sells traditional laptops in our country, it sporadically continues to try his luck, as evidenced by the Galaxy Book.