Samsung plans to use Bixby on its appliances

Samsung launched his own assistant, named Bixby, some time ago. Not that it’s being a success in the market, as it’s having a lot of problems. Mainly because he speaks few languages and has been slow to expand. But the Korean firm is not giving up on this. Since they have presented their ambitious plans for the expansion of the assistant in the market.

Samsung plans to use Bixby on its appliances

Samsung plans to use Bixby on its appliances

The company plans to implant the assistant in its own appliances. At present, there are already some washing machines with the assistant. But now they’re going a step further with this decision.

Samsung bets on Bixby

Because they want to expand the range of products that have Bixby today. So most of Samsung’s appliances will be using the wizard. To make it more convenient or easier for consumers to use. So far, ovens and cleaning robots have been mentioned as some of the products that will use it. Although the full range of products is unknown.

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It is a decision with which the brand shows its commitment to Bixby. Despite the many negative criticisms and comments about the attendee over the years, Samsung stands firm. The range of products in which it is present is gradually expanding. Now, it is entering the consumer’s home in its entirety.

It is not yet known when the first household appliances of the brand will arrive with Bixby. Some may already be arriving later this year, but we do not have confirmation at this time. So we will be looking forward to the further expansion of the assistant into the domestic market.